Mission Statement

The mission of Vancouver Bolt & Supply, Inc. is to provide quality products, unequaled service and to help those we serve with any supply problem they may have.

We look forward to the opportunity to service your Industrial and Fastener requirements. We feel that along with finding a competitive price, it is imperative to your company that you select a supplier who has the capabilities as well as the desire to equal or exceed your expectations for service and value.

Our Team

Founder Story

Rennie Johnson (Left)       Craig Johnson (Right)
Rennie Johnson (Left) Craig Johnson (Right)

Rennie Johnson founded Vancouver Bolt & Supply, Inc. in 1979 to inspire the local community to build better. Working in the fastener industry since 1963, he established Vancouver Bolt with the vision of providing quality products, unequaled service, and helping the community with any supply problems they may have. Although Rennie has passed, the dream he had for Vancouver Bolt lives on. He will always be remembered as a community leader, caring husband, and a loving father.